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Doula Training in Ireland

Doula Training in Ireland with Dr Krysia Lynch January – April 2021


Ireland’s most comprehensive doula training course.

Given by Dr Krysia Lynch who is one of Ireland’s most experienced doulas. Krysia has attended over 100 births in Ireland as a birth doula, primarily in Dublin and primarily in the three Dublin Maternity Hospitals. She is also Chair of AIMS Ireland and was previously the Coordinator of the Home Birth Association of Ireland. Krysia is also a trained breastfeeding counsellor and has worked on one of Ireland’s National Breastfeeding Support Lines. Krysia is also a registered licenced homeopath and brings her wealth of healing experience to this course as well as her interactions with her students.

This is the only doula training course Krysia will give this year and unlike many other doula course available is specifically focused on Ireland and also given by someone who is a practicing working doula in Ireland, rather than by a midwife, a doctor or an academic.

To find out more contact Krysia directly on hello@krysia.ie or follow this link


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