What services does a doula offer?

A basic doula  package will usually include

  • Two  antenatal home visits during which your doula will go through what plans or preferences  you have for the birth and assist you in writing a birth preference to put into your hospital chart if  you want.
  • Phone and email support during your pregnancy, and especially during the last to weeks of your pregnancy
  • “On-call”  service from 2 to 3 weeks before your ‘due date’ until the your baby is born. This means your doula will have her phone on her person all the time even during nights!
  • Continuous care and support for mum and partner throughout your entire labour and birth, at home and/or hospital
  • Support with comfort measures during labour such as massage, relaxation, hydrotherapy and visualization
  • Most doulas will also take photographs for you if you want during the labour. Some specifically work as birth photographers.
  • Immediate postpartum care and breastfeeding support for several hours after your baby is born depending on your needs.
  • A postpartum follow-up visit to debrief the birth

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